How do I choose the right size shapewear for me?

Most people are curious about measurement regarding shapewear. Shape wear, unlike normal clothes, can be a bit misleading in understanding what size would be a best fit for your body shape. The trusted way we know to detect the perfect size for our clients is by recommending that they take the measurements of their waist  and then check a good size chart to know just the right size for you.  If you feel uncomfortable choosing the right size, we suggest going one size up.

For the best fit, you should measure yourself, then use the sizing chart. To measure your natural waist size, start one inch above your navel. The tape should fit snugly but not too tight round the waist.

For corsets, a general rule of thumb is to opt for a corset 4 inches smaller than your measurement.   Some corsets require additional measurements. Under bust: start at the bra line then bring the tape around to your front.  Torso: sit comfortably, center the tape under your breast then bring it down to the thigh.  Another way to go about this is judging your right size by your height and weight, though this would prove to be trickier.

We nonetheless advise that in case you’re not sure or satisfied with the results gotten, simply choose one size up, you can’t go wrong this way since all our corsets and waist trainers are crafted to fit tightly.