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How to Select the Right Kind of Shapewear According to Your Body Type

If you have yet to come across the revolutionary invention the world terms as shapewear today, you’re definitely missing a whole lot of benefits, to say the least.

Imagine someone smoothening out every little bump and lump present on your body, what a fabulous feeling indeed! The world of shapewear functions in a manner similar to Photoshop, other than the fact that it alters living human beings rather than pictures of course.

Whether you’re a commoner who’s struggling with the path of weight loss or a celebrity that needs to look picture perfect on that renowned red carpet, shapewear has now turned into every women’s best friend.

With so many advantages to look forward to, there is one slight problem with this invention. And that is the fact that shapewear is available in a number of designs, styles, and sizes.

Choosing the right kind of shapewear can turn into a daunting task for many. And to help you out, we’re listing the best tips in the business on how you can find one that suits your body type. Let’s take a look.


Stay true to your size

Whenever you choose to purchase shapewear, stay true to your body measurements. A mistake commonly made by most women is picking out a size that’s one or two dress sizes smaller. And the final result isn’t pleasant as you end up looking bigger with bulges and a whole lot of discomfort. Always try on a piece that you think sits in place and you feel comfortable in.


Keep a check on the clothing description label

Smart in a shop manner by checking the clothing label for the product’s description. Medium constriction shapewear works to smoothen outlines while stronger constriction gives your entire figure a total transformation.

Remember, the higher the levels of nylon content present in your shapewear, the greater the ability for your garment to change your shape. Other than that, ladies feel free to touch your fabric.

Anything that’s on the lightweight side will simply work to smoothen out your curves while heavier ones are designed to suck and cinch your figure into absolute flawless shape.


Go the high waist route to smoothen lines down the torso

It’s as simple as that. The rule of thumb for a smooth and flat torso is to opt for shapewear in high waist designs, usually those that work their way up to the bra line. And for added protection, search for styles that clip onto your bra to avoid any slipping mishaps.



Slender out those legs using tights with shapewear being added

The biggest problem with tights being worn over your shapewear is the fact that two similar fabrics (nylon in this case) will rub against one another. And that, in turn, leads to a shifting in your tights as well as the visibility of seams.

The best solution is to resort to tights that incorporate compression zones for shaping the tummy, rear end and thigh region all in one.


Invest in a full bodysuit for the best overall shaping

Looking for a fantastic way to disguise all your trouble areas? It’s simple; choose a bodysuit that gives you full coverage from head to toe.

Not only will you save yourself from investing in separate tops and bottoms, you’ll get the great shape and an added advantage for those who wish to minimize their large chest.

Follow these simple tips on how to select the right kind of shapewear and you’ll thank us in the long run for the instant results. Remember, your search should always coincide with your requirements. Only then can you expect to look and feel your best!  



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